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Pinniped - Simplify user authentication for any Kubernetes cluster: log in once and you’re done.

Pinniped delivers a consistent Kubernetes user authentication experience while prioritizing security, interoperability and low-effort management at scale.


Install and integrate with nearly any cluster in one step


Log in once to safely access many clusters


Leverage first class integration with Kubernetes and kubectl CLI

Introduction to Pinniped

Learn how Pinniped provides identity services to Kubernetes

How do you use Pinniped?

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Use Cases

Cluster Administration

Easily plug in external IDPs into Kubernetes clusters while offering a simple install and configuration experience. Leverage first class integration with Kubernetes and kubectl CLI.

Seamless Authentication

Give users a consistent, unified login experience across all your clusters, including on-premises and managed cloud environments.

Security for Enterprises & Teams Alike

Securely integrate with an enterprise IDP using standard protocols or use secure, externally-managed identities instead of relying on simple, shared credentials.

The Pinniped Project Team:

Matt Moyer


Andrew Keesler


Ryan Richard


Mo Khan


Pablo Schuhmacher

Product Manager


The Pinniped project team welcomes contributions from the community, please see our contributor’s guide for more information.

Getting started

To help you get started, see the documentation.